Save time and money by de-silting your ducts.

Save expensive excavation costs

Duct & Pipe De-Silting

Getting the job done efficiently and professionally is our top priority, and using our specialist jetting units makes short work of clearing silt and general debris from underground bores of up to 300 metres in length. At Rota Rod, we utilise the latest innovations in technology in our unique machinery set up which allow us to create specific tolerances in pressure and flow.

Using our advanced specialist machinery requires skill and dedication, and is serious work. In order to provide our clients with the best possible service, all of our engineers are fully trained and accredited. We supply each operating engineer with full PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and all other necessary safety equipment.


In order to carry out our work as efficiently and as professionally as possible, it is imperative that we take safety as paramount at all stages. As part of our commitment to safety we supply full Chapter 8 set ups that include informatory signs, regulatory signs, warning signs, and road signs as well as illumination of signs. Keeping our engineers safe, and the general public safe is our top priority, and we work hard to ensure that all signage is clear and direct.

Draw Rope Installation

We install draw rope in all ducts where possible. This allows you to draw fibre optics and cables through the newly de-silted pipe quickly and effectively, saving you time and considerable cost.

When it comes to getting the job done, we go above and beyond the bare minimum. With every project we take on we look to save our customers money in the long-run. Testament to this is our extremely high success rate (over 90%) in clearing ducts. This means that the requirement for excavation is negated which saves our customers from considerable expenditure in terms of money, labour and time.

Every day we come across challenging projects where over time underground ducts and bores have filled up with dirt and silt. This can make it impossible to introduce new cables, and in many cases would require costly excavations. Rota Rod has many years experience in dealing with projects similar to this, and in all cases we have been able to clear the ducts and bores using existing technology, and have avoided the need to break the road or pavement surface.

At Rota Rod we use high pressure jetting equipment that are built to full B.T. specifications. This kind of equipment is ideal to clear silt from underground ducts, and allow us to install draw ropes that provide suitable accessibility to install cables and sub-ducts that follow our operation.

We do not claim to clear all bores. Some blockages have been caused by other utility companies damaging underground services. But where there is no such damage, Rota-Rod achieve success rates of over 90% when flushing underground bores.

Box Emptying

Using specialist tanker vacuum units we are able to de-sludge chambers and boxes of all water, silt and general debris to allow access into the system.

Many manholes and carriageway boxes remain un-opened for years and as a result are full of water and solid material making it impossible to access the underground ducts. Rota Rod can empty these boxes for you, wash them down leaving them accessible and safe for your staff to work in.


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