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Duct & Pipe De-Silting

As the pace of the telecommunications sector continues to grow, the requirement to lay more fibre optic cables to deliver faster broadband connections into people’s homes and properties speeds up, to keep abreast with the demand from the public here in the UK. Cable ducts suffer from similar problems to wastewater pipes, root ingress and displaced joints that allow silt, soil and other debris to gather at the bottom of the cable ducts. Water infiltrates the ducting too and this needs to be removed to stop the cables sitting in the water. It’s a skilled job to remove the silt without damaging the cable network.

Getting the job done efficiently and professionally is our top priority and using our specialist jetting units makes short work removing silt and general debris from underground bores in excess of 300 metres in length. At RotaRod, we utilise the latest innovations in technology in our unique machinery set up which allow us to create specific tolerances in pressure and flow to achieve unparalleled results.

Using our advanced specialist machinery combined with the required skills and determination provides our clients with the best possible outcome. All our engineers are fully trained and accredited with new roads street works, water jetting association, confined spaces training and emergency first aid at work ensuring full compliance to client requirements.

Draw Rope Installation

We install draw rope in all ducts where possible allowing you to facilitate the installation of fibre optics and cables through the newly de-silted duct quickly and effectively, saving you time and considerable cost on intrusive civil excavations.

When it comes to getting the job done, we go above and beyond to ensure we maintain our constantly high success rate of over 85%.

At RotaRod we use Flowplant high pressure jetting equipment strategically adapted to full B.T. specifications that allows us to achieve the results our clients have experienced over the years, testament of which can be found in the testimonials page.

We do not claim to be able to clear all ducts due to external influences such as third-party utility damage or congestion of network even down to the physical state of the network, but rest assured every effort is made to give our clients the best possible outcome.


Helping you to install Fibre Optics & Cables

RotaRod are in an excellent position to cover the whole of the South for commercial telecommunication companies looking for a cost-effective solution to their cabling needs.