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Managed Services

Due to our increasing success on the Openreach contract, we launched our Turnkey Solution department in 2018.

This now enables us to efficiently manage all work undertaken from design to completion.

We call this ‘Project Kinetic’.

Onsite Data, Offsite Intelligence

With the launch of our Managed Services department, we have acquired the use of a data capture mobile application. This application allows our onsite engineers to send real time data back to our systems.

This gives our in-house team and more importantly, you, the client, the ability to see the progress of the job in hand.

Having this ability allows us to be more pro-active with on-site situations, heightened productivity and reduction in our carbon footprint.

Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail

The key to delivering any successful project is upfront planning and that is the ethos of RotaRod. The “Kinetic” model allows RotaRod to take end to end ownership of any project with the ability to route prove and deliver both a timely and cost-effective solution.

Giving you the confidence that we can prove, cable and clear any duct blockages all within one window of opportunity thus reducing the repetitive costs of traffic management and significantly reducing the number of handoffs across different activities.

Our clients have found this to be the winning formula when utilising our Kinetic model.